Window Installation

New England weather is some of the most diverse in this country. With brutally cold winters and muggy hot summers, a New England home must be prepared to handle proper heating and cooling. Old windows can literally leak your money to the outside if the window insulation is poor. Having proper Energy Star certified windows can save you between 20-30% in heating and cooling costs every month. And over the years that cost really adds up. Woodpeckers Woodworks is here to help you replace your old windows and save you money.

Older windows, especially single-pane allow thermal transfer too easily. Whereas new energy star rated windows often are double-paned with a gas layer in-between the panes offer far better insulating performance

The quality of the frame also is important. Old windows that are made of very aged wood seep air out and even worse in the winter cold air in. This can be from old wood warping or old seals shrinking and cracking.

New frames can be made with better-suited materials. Most are now made from Fiberglass, Vinyl, or even Aluminium and are filled with foam insulation. These types of frames are durable and low maintenance and are excellent at insulation, which even means some noise reduction from the outside. Traditional wood frames are still used today and are still desired by some to maintain the classic look. Wood is still an excellent insulator when it is newer and experience in construction has improved modern wood-framed windows design

So no matter what you want for your windows, we will have you covered. You can count on our experience!

Image by Nicolas Solerieu
Window Closeup