Laminate and vinyl floor install

Laminate and vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular as the quality and price improve over time. These types of floors are durable and easy to maintain. Luxury Vinyl tile for instance has made great strides in design quality and looks AMAZING. Vinyl was first used for tiles in hospitals and grocery stores because of how cheap and easily maintainable it is. But the original look was rather unappealing. But in 2012 Luxury vinyl tile turned the market around with beautiful yet durable flooring options.

Why use vinyl instead of traditional wood flooring? The simplest reason is cost. Hardwood flooring can cost 2-3 times as much as vinyl or laminate flooring. Vynal also is easier to clean and maintain and doesn't have the same risks of water damage or the need for refinishing every few years.

Luxury Bedroom with Hardwood Floors
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